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Dharma Talk Video Vignettes

Since 1986, The Venerable Guan Cheng has hosted a daily Dharma Talk radio program on Greater Vancouver’s Overseas Chinese Voice radio station (local AM 1470 & AM 1320). The abbot’s show has also been on Hong Kong’s Metroshowbiz station (FM 99.7) since 2005. Due to the increasing public interest and support, his Dharma Talks have been compiled into CDs and distributed all over North America and Hong Kong.

The International Buddhist Temple wishes to help the world understand the Dharma, using both sound and images, by producing video vignettes of the abbot’s radio Dharma Talks. These videos will also have Chinese subtitles, multiple video clips, and detailed artwork. Once they are complete, the abbot plans to distribute the vignettes internationally through DVDs, and by uploading them onto the temple website ( There is no better way to teach the world about Buddhist philosophy than using the power of the Internet! As video productions require a tremendous amount of resources, the Venerable Guan Cheng needs your help to teach the Dharma.

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