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Remembering Ancestors and the Departed

The names of your ancestors, or other loved ones who have passed on, can be inscribed onto ceremonial tablets, as a symbol of respect and remembrance. The tablets are honoured in the Ksitigarbha (Ancestral) Hall and Gracious Hall at the temple, where memorial chanting services are held. The prayers guide the departed as well as all sentient beings towards peace and Enlightenment. Permanent longevity tablets are also available for the living.
In addition, memorial chanting services are held every year during the Ching Ming, Yu Lan, and Chung Yeung Ancestry Remembrance festivals. During Ching Ming and Yu Lan, the Emperor Liang Repentance is chanted, while the Sutra of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s Fundamental Vows is chanted for Chung Yeung. These services benefit the spirits of the deceased, and help to lead all sentient beings on the way to Nirvana. At the same time, prayers are also made for world peace and the happiness of humankind. You are welcome to participate in these services, and register to create short-term or permanent ceremonial tablets. Help guide the spirits of your ancestors to Nirvana.

Gracious Hall
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