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Inspire Your Mind and Spirit

Welcome to the new homepage of the International Buddhist Society!

As a registered Canadian charity, the Society manages the celebrated International Buddhist Temple in Richmond, British Columbia. The International Buddhist Temple delivers the philosophies of Buddhism to the Western world through meditation, traditional ceremonies, charitable giving, and the impeccable art of Chinese craftsmanship.

Here, the International Buddhist Society offers visitors insight into Buddhist values and beliefs, as well as details about the temple and its services to the public. We hope that this website will provide a solid platform on which a compassionate community can grow, while practicing, studying and sharing the Dharma with the world.

Please browse through the pages, take our lessons, become a member, or find out how you can contribute to our many causes and initiatives. Whether you are a tourist, a practicing Buddhist, a follower of another religion or philosophy, or simply our website visitor by chance, these pages should give you a refreshing view on what the Buddha preached over 2,600 years ago. Get ready to inspire your mind and spirit!