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After studying Buddhism for more than forty years, the Venerable Guan Cheng wishes to focus his energy on sharing the knowledge with the world. With the flow of support from generous donors, he has been able to do so through his publications, lectures and Dharma talks. Most recently, the Venerable has produced audio and visual forms of them for downloading.

Depending on how you prefer to learn, you may read, view, or listen to the abbot’s lessons, as we have organized them into two categories: Media Library and E-Publications. The Media Library contains a selection of audio and video teachings from the Venerable, which are grouped by language – English, Cantonese, or Mandarin – to suit your needs. For those who choose to learn on paper, peruse through various books, articles, and pieces of prose in our E-Publications section.

Chanting Instruction

Heart Sutra (In Cantonese)
Flash, 1.1MB, 2':51''

Heart Sutra (In Cantonese)
MP3, 2.01MB, 2':51'', right click and "Save Target As"

Mantra of Great Compassion
Flash, 2.4MB, Normal:2':33'' + Slow:4':21''

Mantra of Great Compassion [Slow Speed]
MP3, 4.07MB, 4':27'', right click and "Save Target As"

Mantra of Great Compassion [Normal Speed]
MP3, 2.42MB, 2':39'', right click and "Save Target As"

"Mantra of Great Compassion" (Mahā-Kāruṇika-Citta-Dhāranī)
PDF (English + Chinese), 564k, right click and "Save Target As"