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The International Buddhist Temple has much more to offer visitors than statues and buildings. Our serene grounds are adorned with pine trees, spruce, and elegant bonsai, all planted after careful deliberation. There are also intricate flower arrangements placed throughout the temple. Trees of assorted shapes and sizes are artistically pruned to reflect traditional Chinese gardening, and to accurately recreate Deer Park, where Buddha delivered the first sermon to His five disciples thousands of years ago. Framed by towering evergreens, the front and back yards of the temple resemble a scholar's courtyard in ancient China. The feeling of peace is enhanced by intricate gazebos, rock landscapes, and elegant lotus ponds.

The Venerable Guan Cheng is an avid gardener, and has been actively involved with the planning and artistic design of the temple's classical Chinese garden from the start. His creations are deeply influenced not only by his familiarity with Chinese arts and culture, but also by more than 40 years of Buddhist study.

In addition, all flower arrangements adorning the halls and walkways of the temple are personally designed and created by our abbot. On this page are a few examples.